Few things about Me

Every object in this world can be defined by answering three basic question WHO ? WHERE ? WHAT ?

So let me follow those principle to fill this page cool


WHO am I ?  - > Entity

I'm David Gnanasekaran C, working as a Software engineer in .NET Technologies for past 8 years. My educational qualifications are Bachelor in Computer Science Engineering then post graduate in MBA (Technology Management). I love learning algorithms and participating in programming Contests.


WHERE do I live ?  -> Scope

I was in Bangalore for 3+ years. Now, I've settled back in my native Chennai, India.

Then to speak about virtual existence tongue-out, I've been Cyber citizen for more than 14 years. It all started with virtual worlds like Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, GTA  & World of Warcraft worlds.

Now I've grown up, REALLYlaughing. Just interested in building up this website from the scratch and make it a decent CMS.


WHAT do I do ?  -> Behaviour/Function

Currently, am playing Project Lead in an Indian MNC. My main focus areas/technologies that I've been involved are

  • Windows application
  • Mobile application
  • Angular JS
  • Agile Methodology


Well that's all my basic definitions.


Extras: [Will re-visit all below points when I feel like blogging something]

Kinda crazy about web technology latest trends.

Trying to learn as many new stuffs that I can in my leisure time.

Participate in Online programming contents - Topcoder & SPOJ

Playing musical keyboard.

[To be Cont.,]