Module builders SystemJS vs Webpack

13 Jun 2017
No. Webpack SystemJs
1 Well matured  Based on draft module loader specifications, so it is subjected to change till it is finalized.
2 Importing new libraries/modules are fairly simple and easy with just import statements or require statements.  Need to mention the exact/correct path to external libraries or packages in systemjsconfig.js. Whenever the project folder structure changes, you need to update config with new location structure.
3 Webpack can handle any resources by adding proper loaders. e.g., css-loader, typscript-loader, style-loader, sass-loader etc.,

System JS doesn't come with default builder, so you have to either depend upon task runners like grunt or gulp tasks to perform the tasks.


SystemJs builder exists but it is still in its early stage and requires time to mature.

4 Official site is well maintained with links to all major loaders provided in the official site to avoid confusions

Not much, you need to resort on StackOverflow for answers.

5 Webpack provides out of box feature which does ES6 modules - tree shaking

Need to rely on rollup or such plugins to perform Tree Shaking 


For Angular development, you will find required amount of resources to kick start without pain. One such wonderful starter project link is provided below

All official Angular examples are provided using SystemJs module builder. So it would be easier getting started with SystemJs + Angular.

Note: Angular CLI tool now works using webpack. And current development sample code are based on Angular CLI.

A very good starter project using SystemJs and gulp based build system.

7 It has a built-in web development server, that can keep all generated dev. resources like css, js etc., in-memory and provides a faster development experience.

Requires a build & run systems like grunt or gulp coupled with http-server for development.

Currently, Angular CLI provides live server & reload features which can complement for development.


Very well supported by open source community. It has a very good number of sponsors and backers.

SystemJS is based on module system specifications drafted by W3C, so it needs some time to gain momentum to reach a matured level.


Can use regular expressions while requiring an external module or resources. See example Context Replacement plugin for optimizing Moment.js

Not supported