I'm a full stack developer involved in building web applications using DOT NET and Angular frameworks.

I utilize this website as a platform to share interesting & useful information, based on the technical journey I've had so far. So, feel free to contact for any additional queries. I'll try to amend the article with required information as early as possible.

Latest Posts

BSNL ISP injects its ADs script to all its subscribers who browse HTTP sites. This post aims to provide a way to block the AD scripts using IP Security Policy.
Angular CLI build task generates output with dynamic filenames,.. Following article shows how to include these files in ASP.Net MVC - MSBuild package, so it can be deployed by Continuous Deployment release pipeline.
Setting up VSTS continuous deployment with Godaddy hosting provides you with a clean and easy approach to develop and deploy your web application. This post helps you to quickly define the build and release pipeline for automated/Continuous deployment to GoDaddy's shared hosting servers.
Older version of .NET framework handles the C# datetime in different way, when it serializes it to JSON string /Date(+d)/. This article shows how to convert this strange string back to an JavaScript Date object and format and display as expected.