I'm a full stack developer involved in developing cloud-native solutions in Azure, predominantly using DOT NET and Angular frameworks.

I utilize this website as a platform to share interesting & useful information, based on the technical journey I've had so far. So, feel free to contact for any additional queries. I'll try to amend the article with required information as early as possible.

Latest Posts

Azure DevOps 10/5/2022
Plan smarter, collaborate better and ship faster with a set of modern dev services.
A simple iText based Text Extraction strategy that combines the simplicity of SimpleTextExtractionStrategy and co-ordinates based LocationTextExtractionStrategy to come-up with a bit intelligent text extractor for non-top-to-bottom rendered PDFs
A sample implementation of Euler walk/path in an n-ary tree using iterative Depth First Search algorithm
XML transform happens automatically while building and publishing .NET project using MsBuild. Few of us may need to disable that auto transform. This article provides information on how to do it in .NET and .NET CORE
Request headers comes to our server in mixed-casing causing our application code to miss identifying the proper value. So what is the right way to handle it.