D@ve Content Management System

World is moving faster towards digitizing everything, this craze has grown to a level that your mere existence can be simply verified by just validating your presence (name + location / profession) in any one of top 5 social networks. The knowledge sharing and discussions are no more confined within discussion rooms, it happens on digital platforms across globe. So the right way to share knowledge or register my ideas (tongue-out NOT so great ones) and get critics about the ideas from a wide audience, is only possible through something like a blog. This website is a direct result of that thought.

Starting a blog through existing great blogging platforms like WordPress or Blogger looked simple & easy, but I wasn't interested in just blogging. Rather I wanted to learn, try & build a CMS of my own and blog in that. This is just a start of that dream come true.

Currently, following technologies or frameworks are used in this CMS

  1. Responsive design using Bootstrap framework and material design theme adopted from "Material design for Bootstrap" by fezvrasta
  2. AngularJS - The entire backend administration part runs on AngularJS framework
  3. Dot Net MVC 5 - The front end public pages are dynamically created and routed using .Net MVC
  4. Web API is used for all AngularJS service requests
  5. Security and Authentication using Claims based authentication (Microsoft Identity framework is used)
  6. JWT tokens are used for authentications
  7. Rich text editing feature is provided for pages through Tiny MCE