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Azure CORS management dashboard provides a friendlier user interface for adding & managing origins with CORS support. This article deals specifically on how to allow CORS with credential support.
CORS provide a secure mechanism of sharing resources across multiple domains. This article covers the basics of CORS and few of HTTP headers that are available for achieving this mechanism.
Setting up Cross-Origin Resource Sharing development setup & configs on localhost is often time consuming and challenging. This article tries to help with quickly setting up the basic settings and get started.
Lucene allows webmasters to programmatically create multiple indexes of their site contents, so that the relevant contents can be easily searched and reached by the site users. A sample site search implementation is provided along with this post.
David Gnanasekaran is a full stack developer specialized building web apps using .NET and Angular frameworks.
Angular Preboot module can take longer time to transition the complete state of server side generated views to client generated web views. This post gives a direction on how to control and manually advance the transition time.